Markdown API

Introduced in GitLab 11.0.

Available only in APIv4.

Render an arbitrary Markdown document

POST /api/v4/markdown
Attribute Type Required Description
text string yes The markdown text to render
gfm boolean no (optional) Render text using GitLab Flavored Markdown. Default is false
project string no (optional) Use project as a context when creating references using GitLab Flavored Markdown. Authentication is required if a project is not public.
curl --header Content-Type:application/json --data '{"text":"Hello world! :tada:", "gfm":true, "project":"group_example/project_example"}'

Response example:

{ "html": "<p dir=\"auto\">Hello world! <gl-emoji title=\"party popper\" data-name=\"tada\" data-unicode-version=\"6.0\">🎉</gl-emoji></p>" }